Saturday, May 23, 2015

Our trip to Te Papa, The Great War Memorial and Pukeahu.

Tuesday 12th May, Room 9 along with the other classes within the Ngahere Syndicate traveled into town to explore more about the war and in particular our Anzac soldiers. During this time, they observed many interactive exhibitions that enabled their learning about the experience of war to come to life visually through such real life depictions. The children all found this exploration an exciting opportunity to broaden their understandings and extend their thinking to deeper levels when finding out new information and or building on their knowledge further. 

As a teacher, it was so pleasing to hear the children communicate clearly their knowledge with others when reading panels of information and when making sense of what they were seeing visually in the exhibitions. 

Below are some photos from our experience and we encourage you all to go along and have a look for yourself if you have not done so already, as it is a stunning exhibition that all can benefit from learning more about. 

At the Great War Memorial exploring the hall where wreath laying ceremonies take place.

A statue to represent those left behind by their loved ones who went to war.

Tristan and Zachery wearing soldier hats.
Lochie looking through the periscope into no man's land.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Anzac Exhibition at Pataka

Today we visited Pataka where we listened to a lady named Linda who spoke to us about the First World War and why we sent New Zealand troops over to Gallipoli. She also spoke about the consequences of what happened whilst our men and woman were there. 

Within the art room, we made poppies of rememberance using steel wire and black, red and green tape. Upon making these, we placed these at the posters of fallen soldiers, whom were from Porirua. It was in placing our poppies down that we  marked our respects by having a couple of minutes of silence while we listened to The Last Post being played. 


Within the exhibition gallery, we then explored what it was like for a soldier living in the trenches. To do this, we listened to a recording of a letter sent home by one of the soldiers which described what life was like being involved in war and living day by day in a trench; we explored the sites to which they saw by looking through Steroscopes which brought 2D pictures of the war and its surroundings to 3D real life images. As well as this, we also explored the gear to which a soldier would have in his pack. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Term 1 KURA Awards in Room 9

During Term, I was looking for children within Room 9 that stood out in the areas of KINDNESS, UNITY, RESPECT and ACHIEVEMENT within our classroom. The following children below were those identified for Term 1 so a big pakipaki to these children for their efforts. 

Kindness awarded to Cedar for always taking the time to look out for others within our class and for showing empathy towards others.

Unity awarded to Arkaid for always having a positive 'can do' attitude and an eagerness to actively involve himself in all we do within our classroom.

Respect awarded to Rawiri for always using his manners when interacting with others and also for respecting personal and classroom belongings.

Achievement awarded to Taylin for showing outstanding leadership in all classroom, syndicate and whole school activities.

I look forward to seeing other children extend themselves in areas of KURA within our classroom during Term 2. 

Exploring Braille

On the last day of Term 1, Room 9 welcomed Carolyn Drew from the Blend school into our classroom to explore what braille is and activities that children whom are blind use in their learning to help them more effectively learning and complete their work. 

During this time, Tearima helped children in the class to show the braille alphabet using cells, read braille and how to write in braille using the brailler to type braille letters. We all had an enjoyable experience and more importantly gained more awareness for the work that blind children have to do ontop of their learning to understand and complete their work. 

Here are some photos of us in acton during this time...

Carolyn showing us a cell and explaining how to show the letters of the alphabet in braille.

Shontel guiding Lorelle to work out a brailled picture.

Zachery guiding Rawiri to work out a brailled story.

Maggie using the braille alphabet to work out a brailled joke.

Tearima checking to see that Augustino had correctly used the brailler to type his name in braille.

Estelle typing her name in braille using the brailler.

Lochie and Mischa testing each other on how to correctly show the alphabet in braille.

Zachery practising showing the letters of the alphabet in a braille cell.

Gabby typing her name in braille using the brailler.

Shontel guiding Arkaid to work out a brailled story.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hockey On Wheels

We had an absolute blast participating in our Hockey on Wheels session on Monday. We all challenged ourselves to try something we hadn't done before and to keep going even though we may have fallen over. The encouragement of the children towards each other was superb to see, as well as the ability to laugh with each other when we fell over.


Getting ready on our knees...

Pushing ourselves up...

And we're up standing!

Triathlon Triumph

The siren rang and we were off! We had the drive to compete and give it our all. Here are photos of us caught in the action...